Day 15

Here’s a brand new, easy 12-bell piece from a collection Kathleen Wissinger recently compiled to pad the repertoire for a two-hour outdoor gig by her ensemble Mosaic at their downtown “Winter Wonderfest.”¬† Kath said, “We really like the B-F range for 12 bells. It’s within two octaves, is easy to listen to, and keeps lines and spaces in the usual left and right hand. Bonus: If you have someone who does four-in-hand, CDEF6 is a normal 4iH position. And, if you have someone who can 4iH FGAB5 (my favorite position), you can play this with just 4 ringers! I added an extra optional GA4 to include a 7th ringer if desired. See “12 Bells for Holidays” for similar pieces (offered in four different ranges¬† B4-F6, C5-G6, D5-A6 and F5-C7) at
Happy Holidays! Kath”