Handbell Musicians of America Governance

In this section, you will find information about the governance and corporate activities of AGEHR, Inc., dba Handbell Musicians of America. Open the sections below for more details on each topic.


Policy Governance Document

Handbell Musicians of America operates under the Carver Policy Governance model of board governance.  You can learn more about the basic principals of this model at this link.

Under this model, the overarching operating tool is the Policy Governance Document.  This document is reviewed and updated at every in-person board meeting.  It includes four sections:

  1. Executive Limitations: A set of policies dictating the professional behavior of the executive director.
  2. Governance Process Policies: This section includes job descriptions for the board, structure for board meetings, guidelines for board-appointed committees, and other policies related to the behavior of the board of directors.
  3. Board-Executive Director Linkage: Guidelines and policies about the relationship between the board and the executive director including accountability, monitoring, and delegation.
  4. Ends Polices: These are the overall goals the board has created for the organization.  It is the responsibility of the executive director to develop activities, programs, and policies that will lead the organization toward achieving these goals.

Current Policy Governance Document (Download as Word Document)


National Bylaws

The bylaws of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, Inc. were most recently revised in 2020.  While the organization operates under the DBA (doing business as) Handbell Musicians of America, our corporate name remains as stated in our corporate bylaws.