So…What is it You Do?

This is one of the questions I get asked as president of Handbell Musicians of America. My colleagues and I on the national board of directors have noticed that many of our members assume that the national board functions exactly like the area boards, but at the national level.


New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we look back at the previous year’s accomplishments and pitfalls and sometimes try not to remember what New Year’s resolutions we so diligently made just 365 days earlier.


Training & Support for Area Leadership

Beginning in 2008, area leaders have gathered each November for training and meetings with the staff of the national office. I developed this meeting format in response to requests for assistance and concerns expressed by those serving in area leadership roles at the time.


Finding the Beauty

Have you ever gotten in your car after a long day at work, hit the cruise control, and basically let auto-pilot take over? It’s a path you drive every day, same way, same time, same roads. Some days you probably get home and are surprised!


Open a New Window, Open a New Door
Ringing Bells in Unusual Venues

For 30 years, my ringers (teens, adults, and school groups) have enjoyed ringing far beyond church and concert walls, living up to the universal motto “Bell ringers are flexible!” Some of our fondest memories are of the most extreme conditions and challenging venues we faced. And we are not alone: when I posted a brief [...]


Filling a Need
Creating a New System for the Scroll Method of Adaptive Notation

“Be careful what you wish for” is a phrase most often used with a sense of warning, but for the Houston Bronze Ensemble it has become a source of great blessing and joy. In the fall of 2016, HBE began their season with a renewed determination and commitment to perform at the highest level of [...]


Physical and Spiritual
Music and the Physics of the Spirit

When Sondra Tucker asked me to write something about music and worship for this column, I told her that I was no church music expert and not the best person for the job. She tricked me into writing this article anyway, because she’s Sondra, and somehow she can do that.


Crown Him with Many Crowns
From 50 Quick Handbell Accompaniments

If you like adding handbells or chimes to your hymn singing, on the following two pages are a handbell and keyboard score for “Crown Him with Many Crowns” from Jeffrey Honoré’s 50 Quick Hymn Accompaniments for you to try.


It Takes a Village
Sharing Tasks in Community Groups

As community groups grow and evolve, so does the amount of work that needs to get done. Many groups have developed boards and committees so that tasks can be delegated and not shouldered by one overloaded soul. Delegating also means letting go of a certain amount of control, which can be difficult especially if the [...]


Christmas Caroling at Disney Springs
Answering the call to provide two months of small ensembles for Christmas

When I saw the email on August 3rd, I was immediately intrigued by the first statement: "Hello. I have a client that it interested in having a handbell choir for the holiday season." Holiday season. Living in Central Florida, my brain immediately said – THEME PARKS.