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Feeling the Impact

You have probably noticed, if you receive our emails or follow our Facebook page, that our annual giving campaign, called Make an Impact, centers on the impact that your contributions to HMA make on everyday handbell musicians like yourself.


Making Your Voice Heard

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the various ways in which we make our voices heard. It’s not always about talking, or even writing. When I retired almost two years ago, I decided to delve into the world of social media.


The Handbell Musicians Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions. This past summer, I started a new position as handbell director for a local church, adding to my already busy schedule. I’ve loved every minute of it but it has lead me to be more intentional about planning my free time and setting [...]


Lifelong Learners

A grandmother recently commented to me that she needed to see her grandbabies as often as possible, because they grew so fast that it was like meeting a new child every time she saw them, even if it had only been a few weeks.


How Do I Count Thee?
Let Me Love the Ways

Maestro Doug Benton has long taught this mantra, to the benefit of conductors, teachers, and ringers everywhere. We need to know how a rhythm works in order to ring our notes in time with everyone else, and we need to know how to count that rhythm!


Social Media for the Anti-social(media)
A Quick Guide to Posting, Sharing, and Snapping

I know, I know. You’re a handbell director, so your focus is on the music: the phrasing, the technique, the notes. Then there’s the program, the concert theme, the logistics. Is it a full job right? So who has time to mess with social media during our busiest times of the year?


We Can All Dream, Can’t We?
Many handbell musicians have visions of being part of a Dream Team. But what exactly does that mean?

Does it mean a super-group that can ring difficult music at a high level of proficiency? Is it a group of people who play music but also support one another and avoid drama? Is it a team that chips in on all the myriad details involving equipment and logistics? I asked some ringers and directors [...]


How Do I Count Thee? Worksheets

The worksheets in this issue accompany the Handbells in Education article, “How Do I Count Thee,” on the previous page.


College Ring-In: Dodge Your Debts
College Ring-In 2020

Handbell accompaniment to the silent film, “Dodge Your Debts”. Arranged by Sondra Tucker. Performed by the College Ring-In Class of 2020. Rehearsed over 3 days from January 3-5, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Stevie Berryman, conductor.


National Board and Bylaws Election Opens February 15

The national election will take place February 15 – March 15, 2020, to determine the three who will join ongoing board members Jill Fedon (who becomes president on October 1), Bill Mathis, Linda Minnotte, and Kyle Webber. You will also be voting on updates to the National Bylaws.Teaser Text


National Seminar 2020 in Orlando, Florida

Plan to join us in Orlando, Florida, for National Seminar, Master Class, and Distinctly Teen